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Wedding over Holiday Weekend September 5, 2011

There are many mixed reviews on whether it is appropriate to have your wedding over a holiday weekend – I am one of the ones who gives it a big thumbs up 🙂 The main concern is that you are automatically excluding people who are not family or close friends because they may have plans with their families already. My belief is that the only people you should be inviting to your wedding are family members and close friends of either the bride & groom or close friends of each family. Hard to do, but will cause much less stress on everyone involved. There will always be people who cannot come to your wedding – whether it is on a holiday weekend or not 🙂 Now for the obvious plus of having your wedding on a holiday weekend, an extra day for either more wedding festivities or a day to RELAX!

Bottom line: There should only be a few key people who help determine when your wedding date will be – figure out who those people are, ask them, then pick the date. Everyone else will get on board 🙂


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