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“Simple” Wedding July 19, 2011

I often hear Brides say they want a “simple” wedding (I said it myself) and  I completely understand that statement. You don’t want the hoots & whistles, the insanity, the stress, the endless opinions on your day, etc. BUT the fact is, unless you are eloping or having a wedding with just immediate family, your wedding is going to go a bit beyond “simple” no matter how hard you try. In fact, the more you try to make it “simple”, the more difficult it can be. Crazy huh? Anyways – the bottom line is, you get this one day – one wedding day – don’t worry about it being a big deal or causing a little stress – it is what it is (one of my husband’s favorite sayings 😉 ).

Let me help you deliver the simple or extravagant vision that you have! Email or call me today to check for availability and set up a consultation!


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