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Bridesmaid Dresses – Decisions, Decisions! May 14, 2011

Picking out the bridesmaid dresses can be quite trying on the Bride. Most of the time, the Bride is trying to find a dress that will look great on everyone which of course can be difficult! There are a few different things you can do in this instance and I would be happy to help with your specific situation 🙂 I am going to provide an example below:

One Bride asked her bridesmaids to pick ANY black dress and left it at that. She wants each girl to feel comfortable and beautiful on her wedding day so she went this route. After looking at other Bride’s photos and talking with her wedding coordinator (me :)), we decided there needed to be a bit more structure for her dresses but wanted to still have the same goal of everyone feeling comfortable on her wedding day. Another obstacle was the cost of the dress – she did not want a cheap dress but didn’t want to break the bank! We found 2 After Six dresses that she absolutely loved but retail price ran around $240 which she was not pleased with. I did a little research and found this website and her dresses @ $158! ( ) In the end, the Bride got exactly what she wanted – 2 beautiful bridesmaid dresses, all bridesmaids comfortable in one of them, affordable, and the relaxed feel she was looking for.

So if you are having a hard time with these decisions and need a neutral party to come in and assist, let me know!!


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